june 2019 - godfrey worsdale henry moore foundation director talks yorkshire sculpture international with sculptor richard stone

Topics include Yorkshire Sculpture International, Moore’s legacy, radical Leeds in the early twentieth century, cultural homogeny and much more. Read interview

december 2018 - baku magazine - nature transformed: the work of artist richard stone

Anna Wallace-Thompson speaks to Richard about how bronze, paint and marble are the perfect media through which to explore the changeability of history and mankind, as well as the enduring power of nature. Read article.

october 2018 - Manor Magazine - slow beauty

Richard was interviewed for MANOR Magazine discussing how working in Pietrasanta, Italy, effects the way he works and how his growing up in Devon prepared him in some way for this. Read article.

august 2018 - ArtLyst - Ingram Collection Director/Curator Jo Baring Talks Sculpture With Artist Richard Stone

Richard caught up with Jo during the Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Exhibition in which two of his bronze works are included and which Jo has curated. Read article.

july 2018 - AfterNyne - Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Show

After Nyne magazine announces "British Artist Richard Stone to Exhibit Two Bronze Works at the Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Exhibition". Read more.

july 2018 - DATEAGLE Art

DATEAGLE art interviews Richard Stone on being an artist, making, his studio and what's coming next. Read more. 

may 2018 - ArtDependance - Statelessness Collapse and Transformation in Richard Stone's work

Stone seems to explore notions of statelessness and transformation using abstract forms with classical touch. ArtDependence Magazine talked to Richard Stone about his sculptures, inspirations and challenges. Read more.

April 2018 - Helaine Blumenfeld - Hard Beauty

screenshot in studio.jpg

"Hard Beauty", a new film about one of Britain's great unsung artists, Helaine Blumenfeld OBE, airs on April 18, 10pm, Sky Arts.

In 2014, Richard was awarded a scholarship from the Royal Society of Sculptors, to learn bronze casting at the world renowned Fonderia Mariana in Pietrasanta, Italy. During this time he was mentored by Blumenfeld.

Blumenfeld says “Richard's ability to draw deeply from his feelings and thoughts leads to great originality, many of his forms are extremely beautiful, I look forward to seeing some very exciting work from him in the years to come.”

Works made during this residency were exhibited in bronze.

Richard says "It was real privilege to have been mentored by Blumenfeld and to be included in this fascinating feature".

27_the garden shakes and the birds fall from the sky_richard stone_high res.jpg

October 2017  
Farewell to This Land’s Cheerless Marshes

From the third of a series of contextual essays: Dr Daniel Barnes 

'And in a dramatic departure from Stone’s usual landscapes, these new ones are bursting with life: within the apparent abstraction, the figures emerge, densely populating the canvas, bustling for space or attention. Here we find a tonic to the barren moors, heaths and fields of England that makes everywhen something of a menagerie of paintings.' 


Read more


September - October 2017
Press for everywhen

"Richard Stone is one of the most talented emerging artists working in the UK today." - ArtLyst

"It’s rare talent to find an artist who is equally adept at sculpting and painting, but it’s the beautiful marble sculptures that are our favourites." - Fad Magazine Top 9 Art Exhibitions to see this week

"Kristin Hjellegjerde opens exhibition of new works by British sculptor and painter Richard Stone" - Art Daily

"His new works emphasise colour, mark marking and distribution of paint across the canvas to create a pulsating ‘life force’ that departs from a figurative vision of reality." - Trebuchet Magazine

September 2017
Nature Morte returns to the Guildhall, London

Returning from its European tour, Nature Morte explores art historical themes through the lens of modern makers. In this interview, Stone discusses his piece when history falls silent the future will fail and his thoughts about the show and its homecoming to London's 800 year old landmark.

Nature Morte is curated by Dr. Michael Petry, Roberto Ekholm, Katty Pearce (Guildhall) is showing until April 2018. 

January 2017
Brand new edition for 2017

dancing on a mountain of forgotten fire
bronze, patina, 15x10x8cm (Ed. 6 +2AP)

Following the success of the bronze shaddeskadwo, with editions in collections in the UK, Germany and the US, a brand new edition for 2017 is now available.

More information.

June 2016

Elephant Magazine: Top Five Booths at Volta 12


Galleries to watch: Emily Steer


'Volta began in 2005 as a smaller fair that runs at the same time as

Art Basel. The fair has a strong focus on solo exhibitions,

occasionally working thematically also to bring together the work of

multiple artists.'





Read more

April 2016

Interview | Cuckoo Magazine


Interview with artist Richard Stone


'London-based artist Richard Stone works with classical and

contemporary materials and themes. With a poetic alacrity, the art

historical canons of the figure, landscape and nature he

interrogates have become more clearly about working through

representations or aspirations of the past, looking at a resonance

left in fragments, that has become much more present, much more

powerful and indicative of where we actually are.' 





Read more


August 2015



Artist Richard Stone shares his practice with Traction Magazine


'Recent works in particular represent years of thinking and making,

but it’s really now, that they’ve come together as a leap, both of

faith and practice, in the form and mediums that best expresses

them, of which classical materials are part, though not exclusively

of course. I’ve always liked to draw out constellations of meaning

between very different materials and works, It’s an eclectic

approach, but one that has gathered resonance over time.'  


Read more:


June 2015

Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life


Invitation and Media Release


Part I: Hå gamle prestegard, Stavanger, Norway

6 June – 30 August, 2015 | Preview: 6 June, 2 - 5 pm


Museum touring 2015 -18 | Curated by Michael Petry & Eva Watne

Assisting curators: Roberto Ekholm & Ingunn Nord-Varhaug


Read more:


AT the core of the Algorithm_Michael Petry.jpg

March 2015

Materiality and Masculinity


Richard Stone interviews Michael Petry


It’s no coincidence that Michael Petry’s first monograph,

‘The trouble with Michael’, published over a decade ago

still resonates. Incorporating themes of sexuality, time and

memory, his use of material is as sensual as it is surprising.

Often quietly confrontational, alongside his establishment

views and critique, altogether, it’s a mischievous practice. I

caught up with Michael for an in-depth discussion of recent

projects and to explore his practice more broadly, from the art

of not making to storytelling, the museum, through to heroes

and politics.


Read more

December 2014

Fast Arts News


A Year in Art: gleam at Kristin Hjellegjerde


'All Stone’s trademarks were here – the figures with their

heads obscured, the reversal of making in painting and the

fiercely intelligent deployment of contradiction – but with a

renewed vigour in material sensitivity and conceptual

integrity. The work looked as if it belonged in a museum at

the same time as being strikingly contemporary, effortlessly

demonstrating the continued relevance, if not sheer

urgency, of the sublime, beauty and craftsmanship.'


Read more

October 2014

Daily Serving


Constellations of Meaning


'Richard Stone’s work is a study in contrasts. He harnesses

contrasts toward the refinement of a delicate balance

between history and the present, questions and answers,

narratives and anti-narratives. Much of Stone’s work has a

poetic airiness and alacrity that absorbs his viewer in a

distinct gathering of ideas rich in historical, cultural,

conceptual, and material juxtapositions.'


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September 2014

Exhibition Text


Too Heroic, Too Romantic, or Just All the Land and Sea at Once


'Art sometimes asks questions that appear to be negated

by their palpable absurdity, drawing us into a world where

conventional lines of demarcation are blurred and logic

dissolves into paradox. Richard Stone’s gleam compels

us to enquire about the differences between heroism and

romanticism, painting and sculpture, the figure and the

landscape. The answers to these questionsare embodied in

the works themselves, which form an ongoing investigation

of how contradiction simmers just beneath the surface of

all things.'


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September 2014

The Londonist


Heroic Sculpture by Richard Stone


'Where Stone has the edge, and arguably his more

impressive works, is in his sculptures. A bronze man strides

purposefully forward against the wind as his clothing is

blown back and the man and cloth become one

undifferentiated yet determined mass. Another bronze

features a man at rest yet his upper body suggests a

strength and power, while two small boxers eye each other

up across a plinth before they engage in a duel.'


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September 2014

Time Out


Richard Stone: Gleam


'Bronze and marble sculptures in this exhibition function as a

modern reconstruction of past artistic styles, whether it be

19th century romanticism, abstract expressionism or heroic

realism. Here, London-based artist Stone examines the

potential for specific historical art references to intertwine,

creating an imaginative series of works that may subvert the

history of art as we know it.'


Read more