Under a flag of surrender, transformation emerges

Historically, sculpture attempted to enshrine heroic icons of power and conquest in permanence. Yet, as history has shown, that which is believed permanent, eventually falls into ruin.

The development of Stone’s sculptural practice demonstrates an ever deepening observance of the relevance of art historical concepts in contemporary culture. Traversing the tensions between figuration and abstraction, Stone brings into force the quickening chaos of collapse. In it’s wake, landscapes are shattered and emboldened figures emerge. Yet they do not need a masculine identity to shine through, instead, their strength is in their subtle, innate beauty.

Entering Stone’s world becomes a reflexive experience. Rarefied stone and metal are magically transformed into fluid objects. Semi- translucent layers obscure previously known assumptions, tricking the imagination into seeing ghosts that urge us to reflect. In Stone’s latter works, beacons of hope and protection, inspired by icons of nature and human history appear.

It is at this experiential level that Stone’s own eccentric way of world seeing becomes known. A joker may appear, an entendre executed. Or, an unanswered riddle posed.

In Stone’s earlier works the found object and the use of wax layering served to obscure iconic forms, while inviting the viewer to reflect on cultural origins. In 2014, Stone’s awarding of the Brian Mercer residency enabled a connection to Pietrasanta, Italy, to be made. This deepening of his practice enabled a new expression: obscuration became solidified as he began to cast figures in bronze. Static natural objects – trees, rocks – collapsed out of metal while iconic forms danced their way through marble. A new eccentricity was propelled forward, as aesthetic reference points from the classical to the theatrical can be seen.

In his latest works, Stone continues to trace transformative processes in both material and culture. Now it seems there is a quickening, an enlivening. The heralds hark a new force arising from the ruins. Emergence it seems, is now.

Stone will release only from the ruins will you be free, the second in the flag series in 2019. Contact office@richardstoneprojects.com for details.

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