tutelar (2018), statuario marble, 95x50x50cm

tutelar (2018), statuario marble, 95x50x50cm



In a time of historically significant upheaval, tutelar appears. The word tutelar derives from the Latin tutelarius, meaning of guardianship and protection. Stone says, "tutelar appears, as if from the past, as a king, a queen, a sentinel, an angel, a symbol of resistance, all of these things, yet not quite any of them. tutelar is full of historical as well as popular cultural references, that for me are thrillingly contemporary in this new sculptural form."

This statuario marble figure stands life size on its plinth inviting audiences to move around it revealing an ever-changing perspective, there is life in every fold and form.

Stone continues, “tutelar, Like Schütte’s 'ghosts', is also about unfixed-ness, a collapsing of figuration and abstraction, that evokes a spirit of experimentation whilst retaining something very visceral, very human”.

From Dalston, London To Pietrasanta, Italy

tutelar was conceived as a clay model 18 months ago, in Stone’s Dalston, London studio. Since late 2017, Stone has been working with master artigiani in Pietrasanta, Italy, to bring this marble sculpture to life. This included selecting the perfect statuario block to carve from. Pietrasanta, Italy, is the centuries old home of Italian marble carving. It is believed that Michelangelo travelled here from Florence to buy the marble for David. Statuario marble, noted for its crystalline clarity and translucency has long been desired by fine art sculptors. The rareness of the material means it is much more challenging to source than other marble.

Stone says “there’s a sense of exhilaration throughout the process, as the form emerges from the clay, then as it is refined whilst the work is scaled up”.

The final stage of the process, almost six months carving in total, is testament to the network of artisans and assistance who along the way, work together to ensure the work delivers against the initial vision.

tutelar is currently on showroom view at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Linienstr. 130, 10115 Berlin Map

tutelar is Stone’s most ambitious marble work to date. At 95cm, 150kg and almost 2m when on its plinth, the work manages to both command attention with its presence, while inviting an emotional and sensual exchange through its subtle, refined form.