December 2014

Fast Arts News


A Year in Art: gleam at Kristin Hjellegjerde


'All Stone’s trademarks were here – the figures with their heads obscured, the reversal of making in painting and the fiercely intelligent deployment of contradiction – but with a renewed vigour in material sensitivity and conceptual integrity. The work looked as if it belonged in a museum at the same time as being strikingly contemporary, effortlessly demonstrating the continued relevance, if not sheer urgency, of the sublime, beauty and craftsmanship.'


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October 2014

Daily Serving


Constellations of Meaning


'Richard Stone’s work is a study in contrasts. He harnesses

contrasts toward the refinement of a delicate balance

between history and the present, questions and answers,

narratives and anti-narratives. Much of Stone’s work has a

poetic airiness and alacrity that absorbs his viewer in a

distinct gathering of ideas rich in historical, cultural,

conceptual, and material juxtapositions.'


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September 2014

Exhibition Text


Too Heroic, Too Romantic, or Just All the Land and Sea at Once


'Art sometimes asks questions that appear to be negated by their

palpable absurdity, drawing us into a world where conventional

lines of demarcation are blurred and logic dissolves into paradox.

Richard Stone’s gleam compels us to enquire about the differences

between heroism and romanticism, painting and sculpture, the

figure and the landscape. The answers to these questions

are embodied in the works themselves, which form an ongoing

investigation of how contradiction simmers just beneath the surface

of all things.'


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September 2014

The Londonist


Heroic Sculpture by Richard Stone


'Where Stone has the edge, and arguably his more

impressive works, is in his sculptures. A bronze man strides

purposefully forward against the wind as his clothing is

blown back and the man and cloth become one

undifferentiated yet determined mass. Another bronze

features a man at rest yet his upper body suggests a

strength and power, while two small boxers eye each other

up across a plinth before they engage in a duel.'


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September 2014

Time Out


Richard Stone: Gleam


'Bronze and marble sculptures in this exhibition function as a

modern reconstruction of past artistic styles, whether it be 19th

century romanticism, abstract expressionism or heroic realism.

Here, London-based artist Stone examines the potential for

specific historical art references to intertwine, creating an

imaginative series of works that may subvert the history of art

as we know it.'


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